Safety Observations

Tool for safety observations, incident reports and near miss reports. Develop occupational safety with the entire personnel.

Highlight the development of safety and engage the personnel

  • Open a channel for making incident observations and reports
  • Document the investigation of reports and corrective actions and tasks
  • Give feedback to the reporters

Develop the safety culture at all levels of the organisation

  • Make safety reports where and when they occur – get up-to-date information to support decision-making
  • Assign responsibility to all employees for their own safety development and involve them in improving the situation
  • Communicate safety goals in an understandable and meaningful way
  • Monitor the situation from automated reports and updated logs

Investigate and remedy the situation in an agile manner

  • VEnsure compliance and the implementation of the best principles with a formal investigation process
  • Customise incident report forms and processing structures to suit your operating model
  • Find the most critical targets for development and allocate resources to where they are needed
  • Ensure operational readiness even in the midst of changes

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