Report and collect incident observations

Safety observations

Tool for safety observations, incident reports and near miss reports. Develop occupational safety with the entire personnel.

Shine the light on incidents, reduce near misses

Reporting hazards, incidents and near misses is one of the most important building blocks of safety. Visibility of the overall situation makes development possible and determined.

Safety observations indicate the level of occupational safety

Making safety observations is an important part of an evolving safety culture. Reports, photos and other data enable the improvement of safety and the development of working conditions. The more eyes there are monitoring changes in operations, the more consistent safety will be achieved and shutdowns reduced.

Highlight the development of safety and engage the personnel

  • Open a channel for making incident observations and reports
  • Document the investigation of reports and corrective actions and tasks
  • Give feedback to the reporters

Develop the safety culture at all levels of the organisation

  • Make safety reports where and when they occur – get up-to-date information to support decision-making
  • Assign responsibility to all employees for their own safety development and involve them in improving the situation
  • Communicate safety goals in an understandable and meaningful way
  • Monitor the situation from automated reports and updated logs

Investigate and remedy the situation in an agile manner

  • VEnsure compliance and the implementation of the best principles with a formal investigation process
  • Customise incident report forms and processing structures to suit your operating model
  • Find the most critical targets for development and allocate resources to where they are needed
  • Ensure operational readiness even in the midst of changes

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