Risk management solutions for public administration

Take control of large and critical risk management entities

Risk tools for determined management and administration

Risk management solutions for public administration

Risk management and administration

In a changing world, making decisions based on up-to-date and accurate information is a prerequisite for success. Risk management is the solution for identifying opportunities and threats related to the achievement of objectives and operations. The areas of risk management must be aligned with the organisation’s operating environment and practices. Different practical methods may be needed in different agencies. Agencies and institutions are responsible for integrating their own risk management into the agency’s operations, decision-making, management and supervisory work.

Precision solutions for risk and opportunity management

Granite risk management tools for public administration and government break down challenging projects and large-scale projects to a practical level and implement risk management objectives throughout the organisation. Granite risk software adapts to customer risk models, processes and frameworks, developing risk expertise at all levels of the organisation. Granite risk management tools have been developed to be easy to use, which means that risk management plans can be implemented in an agile manner.

With Granite, you will you know what is going on

Modern result-oriented risk management requires the support of tools that systematically support the development of the organisation. Automatic reporting in Granite risk tools makes the targets for development transparent and allows resource-wise decision-making.

Granite tools for risk management and reporting

Enterprise Risk Management

Identify, assess and manage risks comprehensively on a practical level and guide strategy implementation effectively through objectives.

Project Risk Management

Manage the risk management of projects in a standardised and agile manner on a single platform. Identify, assess and report.

Business Continuity Management

Evaluate the critical points of your operating environment, locate the development needs and ensure the preconditions for the continuity of operations.

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With Granite, it is easy to create a comprehensive situational picture.

Granite has facilitated the development of risk management work.

With Granite, reporting on risk management is smooth.