Tools for leadership and development

Audit Management

The tool is intended for planning and carrying out the audit, documenting the findings of the audit, and recording and performing corrective actions resulting from the findings.

Granite Audit management tool

With the Granite Audit management tool, you can:

  • Plan and implement audits and internal audits in your organisation centrally
  • Manage the resources allocated to audits wisely
  • Collect and assess the findings
  • Improve the quality of audits
  • Assign responsibility for corrective actions and improvements
  • Report and systematically develop the situation

Audits and inspections at the heart of GRC development

Audit management is a critical part of developing risk management and organisations’ GRC objectives. Systematic audit management promotes the maturity of the organisation in processes and control.

Implementing the control of audit management processes with an appropriate tool develops the organisation’s operations comprehensively with regard to risk management, security, data protection and continuity.

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