Information Security Incidents

A tool for detecting, reporting and processing information security and data protection incidents. Collect information about the development targets of information security, assess and ensure the development of information security.

The development of information security requires will and action

  • Create a channel for reporting observed information security and data protection incidents in a standard format
  • Document the investigation of reports and survey the corrective actions and tasks to improve the situation
  • Create a comprehensive overview of the organisation’s information security and data protection incidents

Information security is the entire organisation’s cause

  • Make the development of information security a defined process in which everyone can participate
  • Incorporate staff expertise into evolving information security and data protection structures
  • Discover the challenges and impediments to evolving information security in the midst of day-to-day work
  • View information security developments from logs and automated reports

Identify and correct information security deficiencies

  • Avoid the inconvenience caused by breaches and interference and an uncontrolled process with a formal investigation process
  • Customise the incident reporting channel to suit your operating model and information security objectives
  • Ensure operational readiness even in the midst of changes

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