Risk management for finance and insurance

Comprehensive risk management and decision-making.

Manage risks, threats and opportunities

Risk management in finance and insurance

Systematic risk management in the financial sector

The modern business environment requires standardised business intelligence, so that risks, threats and opportunities can be identified and handled in an expert and goal-oriented manner. Granite risk management solutions provide risk management with common models and processes, so that critical information can be made available consistently and quickly to support decision-making and enable continuous improvement.

Risk information in decision-making and management

Granite risk management tools for finance and insurance guide the implementation of risk management at all organisational levels and business areas in a standard form. Gather information in one place, compare and analyse and make the necessary decisions to achieve the set goals. Granite risk management tools report successes and bottlenecks automatically and consistently.

The right decisions based on accurate data

The digital environment requires appropriate tools to support business. Systematic risk management brings risk management work, threats and opportunities into practice and steers strategic objectives into action. Granite software adapts to the customer’s risk management frameworks and supports continuous development in a controlled manner.

Granite tools for risk management and reporting

Enterprise Risk Management

Identify, assess and manage risks comprehensively on a practical level and guide strategy implementation effectively through objectives.

Project Risk Management

Manage the risk management of projects in a standardised and agile manner on a single platform. Identify, assess and report.

Business Continuity Management

Evaluate the critical points of your operating environment, locate the development needs and ensure the preconditions for the continuity of operations.

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