Solutions to the challenges and needs of risk management

Risk management

Incorporate risk management into the core of your business by identifying opportunities and minimising threats. With the Granite risk management solutions, you can build an evolving GRC programme to manage the risks of the entire organisation on a single platform. Agile and easy-to-use tools make the big picture visible and support smarter decision-making in all areas of the business.

From risks to opportunities with smart decisions

Comprehensive risk management and development of the organisation’s risk management maturity may seem like utopia, but real-life models say otherwise. When development is supported by the right risk management framework and an appropriate software package, the most important risks can be found and addressed. Automated processes keep the risk management work going and take the strategic objectives to the level of practical work. Combine data and records, shed light on the sore points and circumvent the rocks. Make smarter decisions, alone or in a team.

Granite's tools for risk management and reporting

Choose a standardised risk management model or customise it to meet your own goals. Put critical risk information in a single, secure location. Identify, assess and analyse risks, threats and opportunities. Automate corrective actions and assign responsibilities for monitoring. Harmonise your risk management processes and build a comprehensive risk management programme that supports your goals.

Enterprise Risk Management

Identify, assess and manage risks comprehensively on a practical level and guide strategy implementation effectively through objectives.

Project Risk Management

Manage the risk management of projects in a standardised and agile manner on a single platform. Identify, assess and report.​

Business Continuity Management

Evaluate the critical points of your operating environment, locate the development needs and ensure the preconditions for the continuity of operations.

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