CSRD Sustainability Reporting Management

Manage ESRS information requirements and collection of reporting data related to data points. Collect data with a verified process for sustainability reporting.

CSRD in brief 

CSRD is a sustainability reporting directive aimed at standardizing sustainability and responsibility reporting, for which organisations must go through all information requirements of ESRS standards. 

Well-managed process for collection of reporting data 

Granite’s CSRD Information Requirement Management tool provides organisations with an efficient way to manage sustainability reporting. Our tool enables a transparent process for the collection of reporting data, sharing responsibility across the organisation, and verifying different stages of the process for external validation. 

Verified data collection

Collect reporting data through a transparent and verifiable process. Ensure the reliability of your organisation's data and its compliance with requirements.

Information requirement management

Manage ESRS standards' information requirements and data collection systematically.

External validation

Automate documentation of the data collection process with high quality and compliance. Demonstrate different stages of the process for external validation.

Shared responsibility

Distribute responsibilities for reporting data collection and processing across the organisation clearly. Facilitate collaboration between different functions and ensure everyone knows their role in implementing sustainability reporting.

Automated monitoring and reporting

Automate monitoring processes, reporting, and workflows. Reduce the need for manual work and ensure the timeliness and accuracy of data.

Clear entity

Utilise the tool in conjunction with Granite's CSRD Double Materiality Assessment tool.

With the CSRD Information Requirement Management tool, you ensure that your organisation effectively and reliably meets the requirements of the CSRD directive. Transparent reporting process and efficient data collection are key factors in ensuring compliance with sustainability reporting requirements.

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