Risk Observations and Threats

Identify, collect, and assess the risks threatening your business directly from daily operations. Create space for success and achieve your business goals.

Take Control of Business Risks

  • Identify unexpected threats and critical bottlenecks in your business. 
  • Compare the impact of risks and choose the most effective measures. 
  • Enable the achievement of your goals and improve operational continuity. 

Navigate Hazards and Avoid Pitfalls

Risk observations provide the reins for anticipating a changing business environment and ensure readiness for corrective control measures. 

  • Create an up-to-date picture of the actual risk situation in your operations. 
  • Delegate risk work to create transparency and develop the risk situation visibly in the front line. 
  • Communicate up-to-date risk information with management and enable informed decision-making with consistent risk data. 

Guide Success with Risk Awareness

  • Granite Risk Observations and Threats is a tool for managing the entire organisation’s risk situation. 

    • Ensure practical implementation of goals. 
    • Identify and tackle unexpected risks, deviations, threats, and changes. 
    • Anticipate, guide, and promote risk management based on up-to-date risk information. 

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