Comprehensive risk management solutions

Build your organisation’s risk management programme from your own starting points. Choose the right tools to achieve your goals. Create and implement an evolving risk management culture at all levels of the organisation.

Risk management

Know your risks and what happens to them. Granite risk management solutions bring your risk management into the modern age.

Business Continuity Management

Reveal the relationships in your operating environment, build continuity and create a compliant recovery plan.


Take a secure grip on cyber threats and disruptions. Locate weak links and build processes that support security.


Raise your entire organisation to the level required by laws and regulations. Audit, remedy and develop in an agile way.

Data protection

Make data protection requirements an asset and a competitive advantage by ensuring that your operations comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Occupational safety

Develop occupational safety and working conditions correctly. Locate hazards, learn from near misses, and reduce accidents at work and absenteeism.

Incident Management

Involve the entire organisation in the development of safety. Collect and combine information, find hidden hazards and exceptions, and ensure the development of the situation.

Online training

Train all employees in the basics of data protection and cybersecurity at once and lay the foundation for an evolving information security culture.

Granite ERM Showcase

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Guide: How to Quick-Start Your Enterprise Risk Management

Download a comprehensive guide to starting risk management.