Risk management solutions for healthcare sector

Risk management and patient safety

Granite risk management solutions for the social and health care sector are built on the real needs of the customer and tested to work in practice. Granite’s agile and cost-efficiently customised risk management tools support risk management objectives in ward work, administration and processes, from comprehensive risk management to the development of occupational safety.

From a static risk record to continuous development

Granite risk management tools for the social and health care sector enable result-oriented development work at all levels of the organisation. Granite tools adapt to customer models and processes and provide a solid basis for systematic development work. Granite’s design takes user-friendliness into account at all stages, so that it is suitable for both mature and novice risk management experts.

With Granite, you can focus on what matters

Granite risk management tools support the distribution of risk information and risk management expertise within the organisation. Automatic reporting in Granite risk tools makes the targets for development transparent and allows resource-wise decision-making.

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