NIS2 Security Requirements

Assess the current state of information security, create an action plan, and demonstrate compliance with the NIS2 directive.

NIS2 – what is it about?

NIS2 is a security standard that applies to critical sectors in the European Union. Its aim is to strengthen the management of security risks and enhance organisations’ ability to protect themselves from cybersecurity threats. 

Clear Overview of Security Status 

Granite’s NIS2 Security Requirements tool is designed to comprehensively support organisations in managing security risks, achieving compliance, and continuously improving security. With our tool, organisations can assess the maturity of their security measures, develop action plans, and verify compliance with the NIS2 directive. 

Maturity level assessment

Evaluate your organisation's current security status and identify areas for improvement. Utilize a consistent assessment model that provides a clear understanding of the maturity of your organisation's security practices.

Action plan development

Create targeted action plans to guide security development across the organisation. Ensure that each action supports continuous improvement of security and compliance with the directive.

Compliance demonstration

Document security measures and processes thoroughly and up to date. Demonstrate compliance with the NIS2 directive and enhance your organisation's readiness to respond to security risks.

Continuous management model

Develop security continuously through a management model that spans the entire organisation. Define clear responsibilities and ensure that security is part of everyone's daily tasks.

Monitoring and reporting

Monitor the implementation of security measures and the status of requirements through a guided assessment model. Report progress regularly and make necessary updates to actions in real-time.

Clear entity

Expand usage to information risk assessment, incident management, and ISO/IEC 27001 compliance.

With the NIS2 Security Requirements tool, you can ensure that your organisation not only meets these requirements but also elevates its security practices to safeguard valuable assets and ensure business continuity.

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