Third Party Risk Management

Risk that cannot be seen cannot be controlled either. Unexpected changes and disruptions in the business environment create a steady flow of new threats and crises. Granite TPRM helps you identify and handle vulnerabilities within your partner network.

Spot the weak links in your partner network

  • Locate the weak links of your business and the most critical threats
  • Evaluate and compare effectiveness and choose the best operating models
  • Secure the continuity of your goals and operations. Prioritize, develop and report

Avoid gaps in supplier chains

Third Party Risk Management makes the changing business environment predictable, creates readiness for corrective operating models and supports business continuity:

  • Create a comparable picture of the actors and effectiveness of your supply chain
  • Make the partner network part of your risk management principles. Take responsibility, monitor and develop transparently
  • Enable informed decision-making with uniform risk data

Bring the risk situation of your partner network under control

The Granite TPRM tool solves the challenges of partner network risk management and makes responsibilities visible.
  • Guides the partner network’s risk management work with quantitative assessment principles
  • Identify and tackle weak links and bottlenecks in supplier chains
  • Implement the best principles of risk management throughout the entire value chain

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