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Comprehensive risk management with Granite​

Comprehensive risk management with Granite

Risk management encompasses the risks, objectives and opportunities of all of the activities carried out in companies, the measures taken to reduce the resulting damage and the decision-making process. Granite risk management tools provide tools for situation assessment, planning and practical risk management at all levels of the organisation.

User-friendly risk management software solutions for the modern market

Granite develops customer-oriented and user-friendly risk management software solutions for the modern market. Our operations are guided by pragmatism, goal-orientedness and systematic development. Risk management is critical business support and part of modern management and decision-making, and Granite software solutions are always designed with the customer in mind.

Service promise of Granite software

Granite risk management tools provide up-to-date information on risks, threats and opportunities to support decision-making.
With the help of Granite risk management software, the entire organisation becomes part of risk management development and practical risk management activities.
Granite’s comprehensive and evolving range of risk management tools provides security for the customer’s goals and continuity planning and management.
Granite software offers risk management models that support the risk management process regardless of the industry or the maturity of risk management.

Granite risk management software to support customer goals

Granite software solutions are designed and intended to safeguard customers’ business operations. We believe that comprehensive risk management allows companies and organisations to ensure the continuity of their operations and achieve their objectives.

Risk management is part of day-to-day operations and should therefore be a good fit to the day-to-day work of organisations. Granite’s risk management tools have been developed to support the agile development of risk management and the maintenance of compliance.

The Granite risk management platform combines several tools into a clear-cut entity that safeguards your business.

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