Granite features

Supporting your objectives

Automate risk management, continuity management and compliance in an agile manner at all levels of your organisation. Ready-made risk management solutions and custom software suites make it easy to boost operational efficiency, share information and report in real time.

Make the entire risk management process transparent

Granite’s risk management tools comprehensively cover the development needs of risk management and security. Explore customisable Granite GRC tools and master your business goals.

Involve the entire organisation in the development of risk management

Resource-wise risk management requires comprehensive implementation of risk management. Ensure up-to-date information on risks, threats and opportunities to support decision-making by deploying your own Granite risk management solution.

Agile business intelligence – all on one secure platform

Granite’s risk management tools support the risk management process in practical risk work and support the development of the organisation’s risk management maturity. Report on risks and monitor the development of the situation throughout the organisation – always on a secure cloud platform.

More Features

Customisable risk workflows and task routes

Match Granite risk forms, risk registers and measures in your risk management model.

Automate and schedule risk management measures

Granite tools keep the development of risk management going according to the annual plan.

E-mail notifications and alerts

Assign responsibility to the personnel as part of risk management work.

Customisable roles and groups

Share risk management responsibilities across the organisation and make risk management processes transparent and open.

Custom risk forms and fields

Control and automate the building of risk graphs with custom expressions and functions.

API integration

Granite’s REST API links your risk management processes and principles between online services.

Engage the whole organisation

Assess risks, define responsibilities, and share risk information and knowledge according to the principles of a single platform.

Secure and safe file download and storage

The automatic certificates of Granite’s ISO27001-certified system keep your critical data secure.

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With Granite, it is easy to create a comprehensive situational picture.

Granite has facilitated the development of risk management work.

With Granite, reporting on risk management is smooth.