FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How do I start using Granite services?
After the succesfull processing of your payment, you’ll receive admin credentials to the service you’ve purchased. Our custormer support will assist you in the depolyment of the service if the need be.
What's the difference between the trial and full version of the service?
With Granite’s trial credentials you’ll gain access to the service that includes all features of the full service. Only the time period when the credentials are valid is restricted, and some administration features are made inaccessible.
Where do I find the terms of service of Granite platform?
You can find the terms of service here: https://granitegrc.com/terms-of-use/
Is the webstore safe?
Traffic between our site and customeris always strongly encrypted. Secure and standardized credit card processing is done on an internationally recognized Stripe service. Granite will never process your credit card information.
When should I request a quote?
You should ask for a quote when you need customization for service content, API interfaces, single sign-on, or if your user base is large. You can submit a quote here: https://granitegrc.com/contact/
How long does my subscription last?
The subscription is valid until further notice. A service-specific page indicates whether the service is monthly or annually invoiced. Your order will be billed periodically and will remain in effect until the subscription is cancelled or if we do not charge your credit card.

With the end of the subscription, our customer support will always be in touch with you before we close the service so you will not lose your information.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subcription at any time from your customer page on our online store. Processed payments will not be refunded, which means that the subcription will expire at the end of the period you have already paid.paid.
What constitutes 'a user'?
A user is an active user ID that can be used to log on to the service. You can at any time disable and activate new users in the subcription settings and set user permissions.

In our training services only active users are shown in reporting. The number of users should be calculated either by the size of the company or by the number of people using the service annually.
How will the service develop?
Granite’s service platform and services are constantly being developed. We publish three major updates annually. We are also continuously developing new services for the platform to help our customers gain control over their processes.
What about the security of the service?
Check out our extensive privacy and privacy policies here:https://granitegrc.com/security-privacy/