ERM - Enterprise Risk Management

Identify organisation’s risks and opportunities comprehensively, promote the achievement of goals, and automate risk management with the Granite ERM tool.

ERM in Brief 

ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) is a comprehensive approach to risk management that covers all the risks and opportunities within an organisation. Its aim is to identify, assess, and manage risks and opportunities effectively, and support the achievement of the organisation’s strategic goals. ERM assists in the creation of an up-to-date overall picture of the state and development of risks, taking risk management from strategy to practical implementation in accordance with COSO ERM and ISO 31000 frameworks. 

Clear Overall Picture of the State of Risks

The Granite ERM – Enterprise Risk Management tool is designed to support organisations comprehensively in various areas of risk management, including strategic, operational, financial, and hazard risks. With our tool, organisations can assess the maturity of their risk management, create action plans, and demonstrate compliance with risk management frameworks. 

Identification and Analysis of Critical Risks

Identify and assess the organisation's most critical risks and opportunities consistently. Create a realistic picture of likely consequences and make informed decisions.

Creation of Risk Registers

Develop comparable risk registers between your business units, enabling a comprehensive overall picture of risk points.

Automation of Action Plans

Automate the promotion, accountability, and monitoring of risk management tasks, making the development of the risk situation transparent and ensuring that objectives progress on schedule.

Support for Decision Making

Collect risk data that supports decision-making in an easily understandable format and utilise it as part of the risk management process.

Building a Risk Management Culture

Integrate risk management into the organisation's daily operations and highlight everyone’s responsibility of it. Guide risk management work with deadlines and automatic reminders.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor the implementation and results of risk management actions through a guided assessment model. Regularly report progress and make necessary updates to actions in real-time.

With the Granite ERM – Enterprise Risk Management tool, you can manage your organisation’s risks either according to general frameworks such as COSO ERM or ISO 31000, or by using your organisation’s own risk management model. While keeping with the frameworks and standards, you also elevate your organisation’s risk management practices to a new level. Granite protects your organisation’s valuable information assets and ensures business continuity.
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