ERM – Enterprise Risk Management

Comprehensive Business Risk Management

Identify risks, threats and opportunities. Create an up-to-date overview of the status and development of risks. Achieve your goals.
“With Granite’s help, we got rid of the clumsy risk spreadsheets.” Tommi S. –  Head of Risk Management, Valtori

Comprehensive risk management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) implements the strategy at the operational level, in everyday practice. Comprehensive risk management highlights threats and opportunities and facilitates risk anticipation in decision-making.

Manage the objectives comprehensively

Granite ERM is a cloud-based software solution for effective risk management. Choose a ready-made framework based on the best principles (ISO 31000, COSO ERM…) or customise a tool aligned with your own risk management programme that will guide your risk management process in a standard way. Granite ERM removes silos, automates tasks and harmonises processes – at all levels of the organisation.

Manage the most critical risks of your business in time

  • Detect your most critical threats and opportunities
  • Identify and assess the likelihood and consequences of your risks in a consistent manner
  • Prepare a comprehensive overview of your risk points, prioritise, compare and report

Manage the development with a consistent risk management process

Comprehensive risk management enables anticipation of changes, prepares for hazards and supports effective management of opportunities. With the Granite ERM tool, you can:
  • Create comparable risk registers between your business units
  • Automate the promotion, responsibility allocation and monitoring of risk management work, which makes the development of risk situations transparent
  • Collect risk data, supporting decision-making in an easily accessible place where it develops as part of risk management work

Bring risk management into the operations of the organisation and make it everyone’s responsibility

The Granite ERM tool solves the responsibility challenges of risk management and incorporates the strategy into practice.
  • Guide risk management work with deadlines and automated reminders that take care of the progress of goals
  • Build a risk management culture and make risk management development work visible through automation
  • Track activity and results from reporting and automated logging, proactively identify bottlenecks and strengths
  • Bring holistic risk thinking to the core of all operations

Granite tools for comprehensive risk management and reporting

Enterprise Risk Management

Identify, assess and manage risks comprehensively on a practical level and guide strategy implementation effectively through objectives.

Project Risk Management

Manage the risk management of projects in a standardised and agile manner on a single platform. Identify, assess and report.

Business Continuity Management

Evaluate the critical points of your operating environment, locate the development needs and ensure the preconditions for the continuity of operations.

Easy to use. Good reporting features. Well-structured templates.