Risk management solutions for the logistics sector

Accuracy and power for supply chains

Fixing bottlenecks with risk management

Risk management for logistics

Risk management provides accuracy for the objectives

Up-to-date information is essential for business continuity. Without an understanding of the operating environment and the impact of one’s own actions, decision-making falters and the results are not achieved.

Granite risk management tools support the development of transport and storage industry structures and the principles of continuous improvement.

With risk management, you can take your goals to the finish line

Risk management tools must adapt to the needs of the industry and companies. Granite is an agile, customisable, and easy-to-use tool for guiding strategic and operational goals in practice. Resources can be used to their full potential when the objectives are the responsibility of the entire organisation and operations are steered uniformly across all areas of activity and responsibility.

Results and certainty from accurate information

Modern markets change rapidly and demand agility in operating models and determined readiness assessment and development. Granite tools are a comprehensive solution to the requirements of modern risk management.

Granite tools for risk management and reporting

Enterprise Risk Management

Identify, assess and manage risks comprehensively on a practical level and guide strategy implementation effectively through objectives.

Project Risk Management

Manage the risk management of projects in a standardised and agile manner on a single platform. Identify, assess and report.

Business Continuity Management

Evaluate the critical points of your operating environment, locate the development needs and ensure the preconditions for the continuity of operations.

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With Granite, it is easy to create a comprehensive situational picture.

Granite has facilitated the development of risk management work.

With Granite, reporting on risk management is smooth.