CSRD is a Sustainability Reporting Directive aimed at standardizing ESG reporting. With Granite’s ESG and CSRD tools, you can create transparent documentation, involve all key stakeholders in assessments, and automate the assessment process and reporting. With Granite, you ensure that the necessary documentation is up-to-date and well managed. 

Meet the requirements of the CSRD directive

With CSRD tools, you ensure that the directive’s requirements are met and reporting is clearly and consistently documented. Our tools enable a transparent process for collecting reporting data, distributing responsibility across the organisation, and verifying different stages of the process for external validation. Managing ESRS standard disclosure requirements and data collection is systematic. With Granite, not only do you meet reporting requirements but you also elevate your organisation’s ESG profile to a new level, promoting sustainable business and strengthening stakeholder trust. 

Granite's tools for ESG and CSRD reporting

CSRD Double Materiality

Assess the materiality of impacts and financial aspects according to the CSRD directive. Create a comprehensive overview of ESG topics and select the right subjects for CSRD reporting.

CSRD Sustainability Reporting Management

Manage ESRS information requirements and collection of reporting data related to data points. Collect data with a verified process for sustainability reporting.

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