Report and process accidents

Accident Reports

Agile channel for collecting accident reports in one place. Collect information, analyse and compare causes and effects. Improve safety at work.

Store accident data for processing

Granite Accident reports is a tool for reporting and investigating the organisation’s accidents. Analyse the causes and build operating models to prevent future accidents.

A blessing in disguise

Accidents must be made visible so that working conditions can be made safer and accidents reduced. Reporting accidents is an essential part of the development of a comprehensive safety culture. Information about accidents must be collected so that accidents and incidents can be better avoided in the future.

Accurate information is at the heart of safety development

  • Create a channel for reporting accidents in a standard format
  • Document the investigation of reports and survey the corrective actions and tasks to improve the situation
  • Create a comprehensive overview of the organisation’s safety threats and situations

Development of safety culture throughout the organisation

  • Make safety development a defined process in which everyone can participate
  • Incorporate staff expertise into evolving safety structures
  • Discover the challenges and impediments to evolving safety in the midst of day-to-day work
  • View safety developments from logs and automated reports

Identify and correct safety deficiencies

  • Avoid criminal penalties and the inconveniences caused by an uncontrolled process with a formal investigation process
  • Customise incident report forms and processing structures to suit your operating model
  • Ensure operational readiness even in the midst of changes

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