Better and safer work

Occupational safety

Developing occupational safety saves money and improves the operational capacity of the organisation, in both normal and exceptional times. Make necessity a productive virtue, meet legal requirements and incorporate the development of safety into the work of the entire organisation.

Towards better occupational safety in a standard way

With Granite’s occupational safety development tools, you can get the risks of work in order, regardless of the industry. Implement the best principles at all levels of the organisation, gather important information about incidents and safety observations, while the overview of occupational safety is automatically built for reporting purposes. Put theory into action and involve the personnel in the development of occupational safety.

Granite for occupational safety

Focus on the development of occupational safety, collect near miss reports, identify safety bottlenecks and allocate resources to corrective actions wisely.

Work hazard and risk assessment

Identify, assess and manage work risks and hazards according to the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration model.

Safety observations

Open a channel to improve the safety of the entire organisation. Receive safety observations and near miss reports, assess and define corrective actions.

Machine risks

Locate and assess the risks of work machinery, assess and define corrective actions quickly and verifiably.

Accident reports

Create a channel for accident reporting and processing. Collect information about accidents and their handling, and locate the most critical safety development areas.

Audit management

Plan and conduct audits. Document the observations, set corrective actions and monitor their execution.

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With Granite, it is easy to create a comprehensive situational picture.

Granite has facilitated the development of risk management work.

With Granite, reporting on risk management is smooth.