Machine risks

Machine Risk Assessment

Survey and assess the risks of work machinery. Create risk records and report systematically on developments to all stakeholders.
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Machine risk management

Machine risks is a risk assessment tool for the risk assessment of work machinery in a standardised and flexible form. Assess risks and create risk mitigation measures.

Manage machine risks

Risk management is a critical process that identifies, assesses and addresses all the risks of work machinery. Risk management is part of work planning, so that risks, threats and opportunities can be identified and managed.

Identify machinery risks and threats

  • Identify and assess the risks of work machinery with a harmonised risk management model
  • Allocate and assign responsibility for risk management measures and methods to the right targets
  • Prioritise risk management measures and evaluation targets
  • Create a comprehensive picture of the risk situation of work machinery

A consistent risk management process for assessing and managing the risks of work machinery

The risk management of work machinery assists in the handling, reporting and comprehensive development of the risk situation.
  • Bring the risks of work machinery to a common platform with comparable risk registers
  • Use automation to promote risk management measures and employee engagement
  • Use up-to-date data on the risks of work machinery to continuously improve risk management

Make the risk management of work machinery visible and manageable

The work machinery risk management tool allows the entire organisation to comprehensively manage its risk situation and provide risk information to support decision-making.
  • Standardise risk management with deadlines and automatic reminders
  • Adopt the best lessons learned from extensive reporting and graphs, and build a robust risk management model
  • Assess the overall situation and details in real time from automatic log entries, discover bottlenecks and strengths
  • Take a determined grip on the risk management situation

Granite tools for occupational safety and risk management

Machine Risk Assessment

Locate and survey the risks of work machinery, assess and define corrective actions quickly and verifiably.

Work Hazard and Risk Assessment

Identify, assess and manage work risks and hazards according to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration model.

Safety Observations

Open a channel to improve the safety of the entire organisation. Receive safety observations and near miss reports, assess and define corrective actions.

Easy to use. Good reporting features. Well-structured templates.