Profitable development of occupational safety in a high-technology group

MSK Group Oy is a family group founded in 1950. It has six subsidiaries: MSK Cabins Oy, MSK Plast Oy, Junkkari Oy and Juncar Oy in Finland; MSK Matec GmbH in Germany; and MSK Matec s.r.o in Slovakia. They operate in the world of high technology, serving a broad clientele around the world.

The nearly 70-year-old stable and strong industrial group employs almost 700 people. In its operations, MSK Group strives to enable success for its customers by anticipating their needs and by constantly developing its know-how, effectiveness and flexibility.

Courage and the will to develop are engraved in MSK Group’s DNA. However, the systematic development of a multi-industry group is not the simplest objective. Without an adequate and modern solution that supports reaching the set objectives, even the right attitude will not get you far. Operations that rely strongly on values have made occupational safety a part of MSK Group’s objectives.

Granite has made it easy for us to develop occupational safety.

Tero Yliselä, HR Director, MSK Group

Occupational safety is an important part of modern business operations, and MSK Group’s operations consider the development of occupational safety with the seriousness it deserves. In light of these objectives, the occupational accident numbers of the group were grim, and a better solution for the situation was sought after actively.

The occupational safety management system that had been chosen previously was not able to respond to the new objectives. Usability was one of the most crucial criterion that was applied when choosing from the selection of solutions.

A goal-oriented development of occupational safety demands an attitude change from the entire personnel. This is best supported by a modern and easily implemented service.

When compared with the competing occupational safety solutions, Granite’s solution with a low implementation threshold suited MSK Group’s needs the best.

Granite’s automated reporting has helped us significantly to locate development objectives.

Teemu Suokko, Health and Safety Manager, MSK Group

For the systematic development of occupational safety, it is crucial that the acquired tools are user-friendly so that employees adapt them as part of their work.

Granite’s occupational safety solutions were a functional choice for MSK Group’s corporate culture that strives for upright and long-term development. Granite’s usability especially on mobile devices set it apart from others, but also the reporting tools that create an up-to-date situational picture automatically found their way into MSK Group’s daily operations.

For the development of a multi-industry group, it is vital that all operations follow common models. When occupational safety data is produced into a system that is shared by everyone, it creates transparency and synergy benefits from the comparisons between the different locations.

Adherence is a prerequisite for developing occupational safety, but the agility of Granite’s services enabled their modification without heavy and expensive development projects also for the needs of sensitive and personnel-level development objectives.

Besides Granite’s regular occupational safety services, MSK Group implemented also a feature developed specifically for notifying sensitive observations. With the help of this feature, notifications of, for example, workplace bullying or sexual harassment can be notified and handled confidentially. This makes it considerably easier to offer a healthy, safe and risk-free working environment.

Absences due to occupational accidents have decreased fast since we implemented Granite.

Tero Yliselä, HR Director, MSK Group

Developing occupational safety is a holistic process that will often require significant investments to change old attitudes.

MSK Group has implemented many of Granite’s occupational safety services, each of which responds to specific challenges in the organization’s operations. The most used feature is safety observations that can be easily reported with a handy notification link.

The level of occupational safety at MSK Group has also been improved by Granite’s occupational risk evaluation service. The service makes it significantly faster to evaluate risks compared to the previously used traditional flagship solutions.

Granite’s low implementation threshold has supported our development objectives.

Teemu Suokko, Health and Safety Manager, MSK Group

Since the implementation of Granite’s occupational safety services, it has been possible to see a positive attitude change in MSK Group’s personnel compared to the prior situation. The easy-to-use services have lowered the threshold to use the services significantly, which in its turn has broadened the personnel’s interest towards occupational safety.

The development of occupational accident numbers shows that absences due to occupational accidents have shrunk to almost non-existent. This development has a notable impact for MSK Group’s operations both financially and for employee wellbeing.

The possibility for employees to make safety observations has gotten the development of safety culture off to a good start and affected its progress remarkably already in a short time.

With the implementation of Granite’s occupational safety services, occupational safety awareness has grown and made people think about their own work from the point of view of occupational safety.

Granite’s services do what they promise.

Tero Yliselä, HR Director, MSK Group

Granite’s occupational safety services have served MSK Group’s development objectives since the implementation. The services do what they promise. Implementing and modifying the services to suit your needs is a simple process, which is also demonstrated by the results.

Granite has become an important tool in developing occupational safety. It now seems possible to reach the future development objectives with the help of the easy-to-use and modern services.

Building a safe occupational culture is a long process, but Granite’s services support you on your way.

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