Risk Management Software

Identify the risks of your operations.
Anticipate threats and changes.
Achieve your goals.

Replace Excel files with ready-made risk templates and automatic reporting.


Business intelligence

A secure cloud solution facilitates agile decision-making with up-to-date information. Prioritise, monitor and focus on the essential.

Automate monitoring

Ensure that your risk register is up to date and that risk management measures proceed without having to keep an eye on them.

Engage the entire organisation

Involve stakeholders and business units in development, share risk information throughout the organisation, and prepare for changes.

Results from enterprise risk management

We offer a customer-oriented risk management cloud service that combines several tools to form a clear entity that safeguards your business.

Granite ERM - Enterprise risk management

Granite ERM is a enterprise risk management software suite designed for business risk management. Based on the best risk management principles (ISO 31000, Coso ERM), the risk management tool allows you to assess risks, manage risk management measures and report on the development of the situation.

Granite For information security risk management

Manage cyber and information security all at once with Granite’s information security risk management tools. Identify areas for development and locate deviations. Align your overall security with ISO 27001 and increase the level of continuity management with a clear and easy-to-use software suite.

Build your GRC program securely on Granite

Goal-oriented risk management makes the risks, threats and opportunities of the business visible. With Granite’s risk management tools, you can implement strategic goals across the organisation, identify new and untapped opportunities and accelerate the development towards your set goals.

Granite customers


Granite’s risk management tools support the business objectives throughout the organisation.

Secure cloud service

Information security is a critical component of comprehensive risk management.

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Guide: How to Quick-Start Your Enterprise Risk Management

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With Granite, it is easy to create a comprehensive situational picture.

Granite has facilitated the development of risk management work.

With Granite, reporting on risk management is smooth.