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We provide software tools to help you manage risks and compliance - without using spreadsheets.

Over 200 000 happy users

Why shouldn't you use spreadsheets?

Using spreadsheets might seem like a good idea when your are just getting started, but effective, serious and goal-oriented risk management requires a more robust tool. When you use Granite's software tools to manage risks, you save time and effort by automating reporting and you ensure that all relevant information gets accounted for.

Forget about sending files back and forth with your colleagues. Everyone can work on the same files simultaneously.

No more browsing through endless version histories in your spreadsheets. Data is automatically updated and everyone stays up to date.

How do you make sure that you are making progress? Granite combines everything into one convenient overview and makes it easy to follow-up on tasks.

Digital tools for modern risk management

Tools for risk management, internal audits and whistleblow.

Tools for information security audits, risks and compliance.

Tools for data protection audits, risks and compliance.

Simple solution for EU Whistleblower Protection Directive compliance.

How our customers have tackled their risk management challenges

Over 200 000 users agree: Granite's digital tools are perfect for modern risk management. With easy-to-use risk management solutions, risk identification and risk assessment take no time at all, and implementing corrective measures is effective.

  • "A modern solution for risk management."

    Insurance company LocalTapiola chose Granite's risk management solution because of its customisability and ease of use.

    With Granite's risk management software, all LocalTapiola's requirements for comprehensive risk management software were met, from easy risk assessment to risk classification with built in risk analysis tools. Replace your spreadsheet-based risk registers, risk assessment forms and assess company risks based on your own customised risk management framework and risk management process.
  • "Granite supports the continuous development of risk management."

    Granite has become an integral part of the operations and risk management at Northern Savonia Hospital District.

    With Granite's risk management solutions, risk assessments, risk identification and risk analysis are effectively aligned with risk management goals - agilely reported, both to the authorities and in-house.
  • "Strategic Risk Management with Granite."

    At Pohjolan Voima energy company Granite’s ease of use and customisability have increased the overall commitment comprehensive, company-wide risk management. Now our risk assessments, and risk analyses are in line with best risk management practices.

    With Granite's risk management tools, analysing risks becomes more efficient and pertinent risk information is always available and up-to-date to support decision-making.


We charge a monthly subscription fee for all our software tools. Please get in touch with us for a more detailed price quote.