Granite takes risk management into action

With Granite you can identify risks, prioritize actions and maintain compliance & awareness


Granite systematizes risk management and helps to coordinate risk mitigation.


Granite helps you manage information security requirements and assess the risks involved.


Granite helps you assess occupational hazards and provides tools for monitoring incidents.

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Operative and strategic benefits from Granite

“Previously, the amount of corrective measures resulting from notifications was about 30-40%.
Now, with the aid of Granite, we have been able to raise this figure to as high as 90%. “

– Jukka Sadeharju – Bemis Valkeakoski


Efficient development of work safety and risk management
with an centralized tool

“The usage rate has increased considerably in the making of notifications.
The amount of notifications has grown by 4-5 times and the handling times have been made much shorter.”

– Tor Edgren – Algol


Risk management made transparent and responsibilities clear

“We see what we have to invest in to achieve the best results”

– Anna Tamminen, Joint Municipal Authority of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District


Engagement in comprehensive risk management

“Reporting has become 100% more effective in comparison to what it was before.”

– Tomi Mansikkamäki – University of Vaasa and University of Applied Sciences

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