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Terms of use


These usage terms concern the Granite platform and services (‘The Software’) developed by Granite Partners Ltd. (‘The Supplier’) in the situations where the Customer orders Software from the web pages of the Supplier. The Software is offered to the Customer as an SaaS (Software as a Service) service, in which the Supplier takes care of the upkeep and updates of the Software. The Customer commits to complying with these usage terms when making the order for the Software and when using the Software.

Usage license

The Supplier grants the Customer a fixed-term usage license for the Software on the basis of the creation of a user account or the order made by the Customer. The Customer is provided a free 30 day trial that expires automatically or when the Customer makes an order. The Customer commits to paying the price stated in the order confirmation for the license to use the Software. The Customer is not entitled to pass on the usage license. The usage license begins when the Supplier notifies the Customer that the Software is ready to use and delivers the principal user IDs.

The Supplier has determined the usage licence period for each service and the licence period is either open-ended or fixed. The Customer can buy more usage licenses during the usage license period. The Customer can cancel the service or have individual user IDs expire at the end of the current usage license period. Usage license payments already made by the Customer will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Upkeep, support services and liabilities

The Supplier assumes responsibility for the upkeep and updates of the Software, and the e-mail support service offered to the Customer. The Supplier does not assume responsibility for any damage caused to the Customer or to third parties by possible use of the Software or by defects, disruptions or outages that arise in it.

Immaterial rights

All immaterial rights, including copyright, patents and business secrets relating to the Software and the content, documents and other material of the Software, as well as changes made to them, belong to the Supplier and/or its license providers.

The immaterial rights to content created by the Customer are not transferred to the Supplier and the Supplier does not have the right to pass on or use this kind of material for any other purpose than to produce the agreed service for the Customer.

Applicable legislation

Finnish law shall always be applied to the Software and all disputes relating to the use of the Software shall always be resolved in Finland at the district court of the home locality of the Supplier.

Security and privacy