Security & privacy |

We take security seriously

We take information security and privacy into account in all facets of our business, including management, research and development and everyday actions of our employees. In addition, Granite platform and services are regularly audited by third party experts. We work only with the most reliable and trustworthy data centre providers that are ISO 27001 certified.

Information Security Policy

The basis of our operations is smooth and functional information management. The information should be available to those who need it, the information should be accurate and reliable, and the access to certain information should be restricted only to the authorized personnel.

Privacy and Information Security Description

Privacy and information security are the key aspects of our research and development. We follow secure coding practices in all faces of our R&D and we look after privacy of our customers.

Data processing policy

We process personal data according to the requirements of EU’s General Data Processing Regulation (GDPR).

Privacy policy

We want to be open and transparent when processing your personal information. The purpose of our Privacy Policy is to inform the users of our websites and services about how their personal information is processed and protected.

Business Continuity Plan

Our business continuity plan describes how to maintain corporate business continuity in the event of a business disruption.