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The importance of information security to the operations of businesses and organizations cannot be understated in the modern business environment, which is always becoming comprehensively more digitized. In many situations, functional information security is actually a significant competitive edge. Many technologies and solutions are available to establish an initial baseline for security, the use of which are virtually necessary. But without practical operating models, which also attend to the blind spots in information security, one cannot speak of developing levels of information security. An up-to-date and unbroken information security situation requires systematic monitoring. Granite Information Security Deviations is a digital tool on the Granite platform that has been designed exactly with these objectives in mind. The Granite Information Security Deviations tool is based on the Finnish Government Information Security Management Board (VAHTI) instructions on security incidents. Start developing your information security today by creating an account on the Granite-platform.

Engage the whole organization

It’s unlikely that anyone familiar with the state of the market today has any doubts about the significance of information security for their prospects of success. Despite this, too many are inclined to leave the development of information security on the back burner, because an adequately simple and clear solution has not presented itself. Some isolated challenges affecting information security may have been randomly reviewed, but without a solution for directing operations, the results have been ineffective. Granite Information Security Deviations is a tool that can help effortlessly identify and evaluate security deviations occurring in business operations. With the help of the Granite Information Security Deviations tool, the entire organization can be harnessed in developing information security with the operating model for information security deviations.

Assign accurately

When the attitude toward developing information security is one of anticipation, then developing the operations have the very best and successful end results, which can also be achieved with decentralized resources. The security culture develops most efficiently when the entire organization participates in identifying information security deviations. However, in terms of results, it is not enough that information security deviations are merely identified and evaluated. The deviations also need to be corrected, when necessary. Granite Information Security Deviations is a tool that has been designed to promote development that happens on a practical level. With the help of the tool, is easy and effortless to define responsible parties for identified and evaluated information security deviations, so that deviations can be reacted to with an adequately rapid response time.

Monitor results in real time

When the whole organization, or even a part of it, can be involved in the development of information security, then it is very common that the hidden information security problems and deviations in operations come into view quickly. The proper tools and software are in a key position in creating this visibility, but improving the situation requires that the right solutions are found for the emergent deviations, and that they are also implemented. Automatic reminders from the Granite Information Security Deviations ensure that information security deviations are reacted to. It is possible to systematically follow the progress of corrective procedures as a natural part of other work.

Refine operations continuously

Granite information security deviations is a precise solution to the systematic development of a business or organization’s information security situation. Its ease of use enables the business to deploy an anticipatory approach as part of all its operations. With the Granite Information Security Deviations, it’s effortless to create an understandable and comprehensive review of the company's most important information security development targets. When the situational picture is clear and extensive, then building concrete development and corrective measures is successful. The Granite information security incidents tool creates statistics and reports from the data, evaluations, and corrective measures, which allow the situational picture to be shared, and further development to be designed. Developing an anticipatory, successful, and efficient information security situation is the primary end product of the Granite Information Security Deviations.

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