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  • Rea Oikkonen, Pohjolan Voima

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Granite Whistleblow is an EU Whistleblower Directive compliant, ready-to-launch solution. Easy-to-use and cost-effective case management tool makes it easy to create a secure, anonymous reporting channel to receive messages, assign controls and prove compliance with the EU Whistleblower Directive.

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Cost-effective solution for secure, anonymous reporting.

Get on top of misconducts before they get out of hand.

Lead your operations based on up-to-date, conclusive data.

Meet EU Whistleblower Directive simply and securely

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"Granite helped us to create a view into the risks across the entire organization."

Rea Oikkonen
Environment and risk management specialist, Pohjolan Voima

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Jussi Komokallio
SafetyManager, City of Kerava

"Granite's automated reporting has made it easy to find areas for improvement."

Teemu Suokko
Safety Manager, MSK Group

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