Why choose Granite?

IS027001 Certified

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Choose Granite for comprehensive GRC development

The Granite software platform consists of ready-made, easy-to-use tools developed for the comprehensive development of organisations. By selecting Granite, you will get:

  • Ready-made standard tools
  • Software packages that meet customer needs
  • Light and agile deployment – no software project
  • Modular structure scalable to customer needs
  • Customisable tools to match customer needs and objectives
Read more about Granite customisation here.

Choose Granite and work securely in the cloud

Granite customers understand the importance of information security to critical infrastructure. Granite is regularly audited by third parties.

Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) covers all of our operations. The management system is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. We only process personal data for the purpose of providing the service in accordance with the customer agreement, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation – all processing of personal data takes place in the EU/EEA.

Learn more about our security principles here.

Over 30,000 monthly satisfied users

Our platform has helped hundreds of companies from regulated industries to systematically secure and develop their business.


Granite pool of features

Customisable risk workflows and task routes

Match Granite risk forms, risk registers and measures in your risk management model.

Automate and schedule risk management measures

Granite tools keep the development of risk management going according to the annual plan.

E-mail notifications and alerts

Assign responsibility to the personnel as part of risk management work.

Customisable roles and groups

Share risk management responsibilities across the organisation and make risk management processes transparent and open.

Custom risk forms and fields

Control and automate the building of risk graphs with custom expressions and functions.

API integration

Granite’s REST API links your risk management processes and principles between online services.

Engage the whole organisation

Assess risks, define responsibilities, and share risk information and knowledge according to the principles of a single platform.

Secure and safe file download and storage

The automatic certificates of Granite’s ISO27001-certified system keep your critical data secure.

Ready for more?

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