User experience as a engine for product development – Granite version 7.2. released

User experience as a engine for product development – Granite version 7.2. released

Active growth both in the domestic and international markets during late autumn and early winter have created positive pressure with recruitment, customer service and product development. Taking enterprise risk management to action is the cornerstone of Granite’s operations and therefore the ease of use of our services is the at the core of all aspects of our business, but especially in product development. The last software update of 2017 includes, among other developments, the most significant user interface reform in Granite’s history to date.

Although agility and usability is the foundation of our operations, our product development takes it’s lead from the actual needs and wishes our customer community. Efficient enterprise risk management can never be cumbersome, and this the reason this update introduces a complete rearrangement of our user interface, to a more clean and straightforward design to enable more effortless user experience. Especially the new, clearer structure of our services starting page has racked up praise from our customers even before the actual release.

Obviously, the effects of the user interface reform have not been left only to the landing page and changing minor visual elements of the platform. Changes promoting usability have been made to all features of our solution. For example, the development of the service reporting view has been one of the core initiatives the version 7.2.. Our customer base has provided very important perspectives to the actual use our services and supported our product development road-map by contributing to the development of new our new services. For example, in this new version, the reporting view has been executed with a new dynamic tree structure.

In order to make the results of our services available to our customers as effectively as possible, many aspects of our interface update have aimed at producing more comprehensive reporting and the easily understandable overall picture of the operations. For example, in the risk assessment view, the evaluation is presented in one single view, giving a clearer picture of the progress of the evaluation and the collected information from the beginning to the end of the process. This development promotes efficiency in the tracking of the risks and enables more agile management measures. In the development of the assessment view, the key factor has been to facilitate the comprehension of the whole development process by clarifying navigation.

Read the complete list of updates here.

The development of the Granite platform and services will continue in the future in cooperation with our customer community, listening to user comments and following our customers’ needs. If you have more specific questions or comments about the new version, you can contact our friendly customer support at Our support team will pass your messages to our product development road-map.

Anssi Väisänen
CTO, Granite Partners