Online training for all employees

Fundamentals of information security

Online training for all employees Fundamentals of information security and information security skills for working life.

Secure your operations

The actions and skills of employees are the weakest link in information and cyber security. In the digital business environment, security risks affect everything. With Granite’s online training for all employees, you can ensure a basic level of information security expertise throughout the organisation.

Foundation of information security expertise for all employees

An evolving information security culture and the cybersecurity expertise of the personnel do not simply happen. Regular training with cost-efficient online training ensures that the induction and basic knowledge is kept in mind and guarantees a level of basic skills on which to build.

Foundations for an evolving safety culture

Granite’s online information security training is an agile and cost-efficient tool for building the organisation’s information security expertise. The Fundamentals of information security training package consists of the following training sessions:
  • Fundamentals of information security 1: Technological information security
  • Fundamentals of information security 2: Information security at work
  • Fundamentals of information security 3: Day-to-day life and commuting

Information security is the entire organisation’s cause

Granite’s online information security training is a clear package for developing the information security of the entire organisation. With the simple and clear Fundamentals of information security online training sessions that deal with practical information security situations, the training of all employees is smooth.  

Find gaps and remedy training needs

Granite’s Fundamentals of information security online training session ensures that the entire organisation understands the importance of information security and automatically ensures that responding to requirements is not caught in the clumsiness of reporting.

Granite tools for developing information security

Fundamentals of Information Security

Online training designed for all staff in the fundamentals of information security. Train all employees and lay the foundations for a cybersecure corporate culture.

Information Security Risks

Identify and assess the information security risks associated with your operations. Develop operating models for developing security and report the results.

Information Security Incidents

Involve all employees in the development of information security with an information security incident reporting channel: receive, process, develop and report.

Easy to use. Good reporting features. Well-structured templates.