Safety Walk-Through Checklist

This safety walk-through checklist is based on the ELMERI+ method of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, which can be used to assess the safety of the entire workplace or individual workstations. It is easy to handle the detected safety deviations and you can use automated reminders to make sure that detected deviations are corrected in time. Try the service for free 14 days and buy the service for 19 €/user/month + VAT. Billed monthly.

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Going through safety walk-through checklist quickly on a mobile device

Safety walks are easy to do on a mobile device or tablet because the service is responsive. All you need is a web browser and IDs and you are ready to evaluate the safety of your workplace by using 14 points of the ELMERI+ checklist. Check our safety walk-through checklist at your own pace through our free demo.

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Safety walk-through checklist keeps the dangers of the workplace under control

The safety walk-through checklist is based on the ELMERI+ method of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The service can be used to evaluate the security of the entire workplace or individual workstations. The ELMERI+ method examines the safety of workers’ work habits, ergonomics, machine and equipment safety, mobility and order safety and the safety of hygienic work environments. The safety walk-through checklist makes it easy and quick to go through all 14 risk factors of the method and assess whether they are in ok or not.

When you go through all 14 risk factors, you will systematically detect security imperfections. The responsible person who is responsible of correcting the deviation is defined to each deviation. The service automatically sends an email notification about the deviation to the responsible person. Also corrective measures, their deadline and a work estimate will be defined to the deviation. This will enable improving the safety of the workplace easily and verifiably.

The service has automatic graphical reporting, which makes it easy to see the overall safety situation of the workplace. Reporting shows for example how many deviations have been recorder and how they have been dealt with in other words whether the deviations are processed in time, late or whether they are fully uncorrected. The service also provides quick PDF reporting for distribution at the coffee table or excel listing all detected deviations.


The service is browser-based and easy to use anywhere. You can use the service on your mobile device or tablet as you walk through on the site and observe the state of security. Powerful monitoring features ensure continuous development of security.


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