Safety observations

Safety Observations

The complete safety observations service has been developed to meet the needs of modern occupational safety operations. The service enables straightforward and systematic safety reporting operations. The service is effortless to implement and enables employees can immediately report safety findings. You can effortlessly test our safety observations service for free and make your purchase decision at your own pace.

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Fast and effortless cloud service deployment


Easy reporting procedure


Effortless handling of irregularities with direct monitoring


Secure and regularly audited platform


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Responsive design promotes developing processes

Employees involved in the development of safety culture

The Safety Observations service makes it easy for employees to document and report occupational safety and security observations. These reports can easily be filed by filling out a simple form, appended with relevant images, on any mobile device. The service automatically sends out an e-mail notification to the persons in charge, for the safety observation to be classified and for adequate management measures to be determined. You can easily purchase the service from our webstore.

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Safety Observations build safety culture

Composing a safety observation notice in Granite’s Safety Observation service is genuinely swift and nimble. The service eliminates the need for separate apps and devices, it works just as well on any mobile device. For the employee to complete a safety observation report nothing needs to be downloaded or installed, all reports are delivered via an easily accessible link.

The employee fills out a form in the safety observations service and attaches an image further extend the coverage of the report. The Safety Observations service automatically sends out notifications and reminders to the person in charge of safety observations. This advocates swift and adequate response and enables the operations to progress uninterrupted. The notifications sent by the service contain a link that allows the receiver to view the documented safety observation, explore it and designate corrective measures.

In order to effectively prevent work-related accidents and injuries, it’s vital that the safety observations are collected and compiled systematically. For the organization’s operations to continue as uninterrupted as possible it’s crucial to be able to examine and evaluate, for example, close call situations and other perceived hazards and vulnerabilities. The service compiles and arranges safety observations together and automatically processes them in to easily assessed reports with illustrative visuals. This facilitates the development of the occupational safety as a company-wide process through clear and precise insights. The service allows visibility to the notification handling process enabling the easy detection of deviations and anomalies. This aids in targetting training resources and instructions to the right people. Clear view of the operations and the understanding of the overall situation also helps to prioritize corrective measures.

Ready and available reports can also be automatically delivered in both .pdf and excel formats, allowing easy internal distribution. In addition, each safety observation notification can be printed out individually as a separate one-page pdf document, for example, to be attached to the notice board.

The Safety Observations service functionalities are made as clear as possible, making it quick and easy to deploy even in a larger company. Making observations is simple, handling of the notifications is distinct and coherent and the service can operated on any mobile device. The monitoring of determined corrective actions is comprehensive and in addition, employees receive a feedback notification in their e-mail when the safety observations are thoroughly processed.

The service promotes a wholly thought out process that supports a comprehensive development of the organization’s safety culture from start to finish through automated reporting. In our experience, the number of safety findings accumulates and multiplies after the implementation of a consistent service and the corrective measures are carried out more effectively when the service is coherent, systematic and easy to understand for all users.


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