Strategic risk management with Granite

Granite enabled power company Pohjolan Voima to get the most out of risk management.

Granite is a combining factor in our work on strategic risks.Rea Oikkonen, Pohjolan Voima, Environmental Manager and Risk Management Specialist

Risk management within Pohjolan Voima is focused on guiding risk management across the entire organization, supporting the development of risk management work in the subsidiaries, and performing risk management at the group level. In this work, special emphasis is laid on the company’s strategic risks, and Pohjolan Voima utilizes Granite’s flexible and easy-to-use solutions for assessing and processing them

Before Granite The company’s risk management was based on an internally developed risk management model for which a custom solution had been acquired. However, this did not promote the creation of a risk-aware company culture, as the solution's functionalities were too inflexible from the users’ point of view.

To get the most out of systematic risk management Pohjolan Voima chose Granite ERM -service to support their risk management goals.

Granite helped us to create a view into the risks across the entire organization.Rea Oikkonen, Pohjolan Voima, Environmental Manager and Risk Management Specialist

Pohjolan Voima uses Granite for group-level strategic risk management. Granite’s risk management service is also an important tool for the boards of directors of Pohjolan Voima’s subsidiaries. The subsidiaries assess the risks that occur in their operations, while providing the group with simple and clear visibility of the company’s overall situation.

Granite has allowed our risk management work to develop.Rea Oikkonen, Pohjolan Voima, Environmental Manager and Risk Management Specialist

Granite's system allows management actions to be set in a guided manner, which has also expedited their implementation.

Risk work across the entire group has become more efficient as Granite's versatile risk management service has done away with the need for deploying, learning and maintaining different systems. The saved energy and resources can be redirected towards fruitful risk management work.

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