Project Risks

Our Project Risk Management service is aimed at project groups and organizational management teams, that promotes timely completion of projects and efficient allocation of budgeted resources. Our Project Risk service includes functionalities for the identification of risk, risk assessment and management measures for identified risks. You can effortlessly try out our Project Risk service free of charge and purchase the service from our webstore at $19/user/month. Billed monthly.

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Fast and effortless cloud service deployment


Comprehensive risk reports and automatic risk register


The delegation and monitoring of risk mitigation


Secure and regularly audited platform


A smooth, practical and straigthforward user experience


Responsive design promotes continuous risk mitigation


Project Risk management as a simple service

Project risk management contains risk identification, risk assessment and the monitoring of the risk mitigation. Modern, digital service provides up-to-date risk information to the members of the project group and facilitates the deployment of the management measures. Automated reporting promotes efficiency and provides considerable savings in time spent. In addition, automated reports are a proven way to keep the project on tracks. You can easily purchase the service from our webstore.

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Easy service keeps projects risks under control

Risk management is a crucial part of the everyday business decisions. The best method for implementing a successful risk management process for a business of any size is to make it as understandable, clear-cut and actionable as possible. And this the basis our service stands upon.

The time-tested and acknowledged approach to managing risks starts with risk identification. Our risk management service helps to identify the risks by dividing them to strategic, operative, financial and hazard risks. Special care has been taken to provide easy-to-understand descriptions and actionable instructions that expedite focusing on the most significant risks.

After the risk identification, the risks are evaluated and the actual risk mitigation actions are established. The most critical step in the risk management process starts here – how to get the important risk mitigation taken into actions while operating in an ever-changing business environment?

Project Risk management guides the user to review made plans and to assess their probability. Project risks are made visible through automated reporting tools, such as risk map, risk trend and other visual summaries. Automatic reminders help to keep track of the timing of management measures and the progress of the management measures.

Granite’s project risks service is managed through a simple interface, which ensures that the working time of project manager and others is utilized efficiently, actually managing project risks instead of learning to use the service. The Project Risks service helps to pay attention to the most relevant threats, that endanger the project’s progress or the final goal. With the aid of Granite services visual reporting tools, the real-time situation is easy to communicate to the project management and other stakeholders.

You can start project risk management right away. No design committees or endless excel exercises.


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