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"A user-friendly service that enabled us to unify our risk management principles."Kimmo Niskala Director of Risk Management - LocalTapiola

"Granite supports the continuous development of risk management."Kari Janhonen, CFO, Hospital District of Northern Savonia

"Granite has allowed our risk management work to develop."Rea Oikkonen, Pohjolan Voima, Environmental Manager and Risk Management Specialist


Granite risk management tools are priced per month and proportionate to the scope of the chosen risk management solution.

How do I know if Granite Risk Management system is right for us?
Granite's off-the-shelf risk management tools support systematic risk management comprehensively, especially if you are looking for a risk management software solution for goal-based risk management, for example, to replace traditional risk assessment templates or risk registers stored in spreadsheets.

You can get acquainted with Granite Risk Management software for free starting our 30-day free trial, but to learn all the ins outs of Granite Risk Management and how it can best support your risk management goals, we suggest you schedule a 15 to 30 -minute demo from here.
Can Granite Risk Management be tailored to our organisation's risk management process?
Granite's risk management solutions are built to support effective and actionable risk management. Granite's agile and easy-to-use risk management tools facilitate a great number of common best risk management practices and can be cost-effectively tailored to customer-specific risk management requirements. Granite's quick-to-implement risk management software supports developing and risk-aware company risk culture.

All of Granite's risk management solutions and features are fully customisable to meet the evolving requirements of customer risk management objectives, whether they relate to comprehensive risk management, business risks, occupational safety and health risks, risk assessments, security risks or data protection risks pertaining to government regulations or the GDPR.

Learn more or schedule a 15 to 30 -minute demo from here.
What risk management standards Granite's risk management solutions support?
Granite's user-oriented risk management tools support industry-agnostic comprehensive risk management. Whether the customer organisation's risk management principles are based on cherry-picked best risk management practices, a risk management gamebook tailored to comply with regulatory risk management principles or risk management objectives in accordance with ISO standards, Granite Risk Management grows to facilitate customer needs.

With Granite, you can assess and analyse risks, assign and manage risk mitigation actions and risk controls no matter your risk management approach or risk management framework. For example, Granite provides ready-made risk management templates such as ISO 31000, ISO 27001, DPIA, Coso ERM, ISO 22301, ISO 45001, among others.

Learn more or schedule a 15 to 30 -minute demo from here.
How do I get started with Granite Risk Management?
Granite Risk Management is designed to be easy to use and quick to implement. Granite's straightforward approach to risk management software development makes getting started with Granite quick.

Implementing Granite's standard risk management solution takes no more than a couple of days, while more complex and customised risk management principles and customer-specific changes to Granite Risk Management might take a week or two.

The most common way to deploy Granite begins with Granite's free 30-day trial, during which the customer's risk management policies are installed in the customer's assigned, secure risk management instance on Granite's risk management service platform. Granite's product experts guide the customer through all stages of the implementation.

Learn more or schedule a 15 to 30 -minute demo from here.
Is Granite risk management secure?
Information security, privacy and data protection are at the core of Granite's operations. All Granite's information management systems, risk management solutions and other risk assessment tools are subject to continuous, comprehensive security and penetration testing.

In addition, Granite's risk management solutions are regularly audited by a third party.

All personal data entered into Granite's risk management system is located in Finland on ISO27001-certified servers, in addition to which all Granite personnel have been security cleared.

Read more about Granite's security and privacy policy here.
Can I add users to Granite's risk management tools?
Granite's risk management solutions are designed to support the development of risk management in organisations of all sizes. Granite's risk management enables the systematic implementation of goal-oriented risk management in dedicated risk management units and organisation-wide.

With Granite's risk management tools, you can involve as many parties, units and individuals as you need to reach your risk management goals. The number of users of Granite's risk management tools as well as access rights is always at the customer's own discretion.
How is Granite Risk Management priced?
Granite's risk management tools have been developed to support goal-oriented risk management, no matter what the customer's risk management maturity level is at the moment. Granite's risk management solutions provide value to the entire organisation, so Granite Risk Management's pricing is based on the size of the organisation and the set of risk management tools that meet the customer's needs.
Can I manage deviations and compliance with Granite Risk Management?
Granite's risk management tools have been developed based on real user needs to meet the needs of an ever-changing market. Granite's risk management tools range from enterprise risk management to comprehensive business security development, supported by Granite's assessment, reporting and compliance solutions.

Granite's risk and compliance tool selections include easily customisable and ready-made deviation management tools for receiving and handling both safety notifications and anonymous whistleblowing notifications.

All of Granite's risk management tools generate automated, visual reports of risk data to support internal development and decision-making, as well as to demonstrate compliance.

Learn more or schedule a 15 to 30 -minute demo from here.
How can I expand the use of Granite's risk management system in my organisation?
Granite's risk management software and tools are designed to enable the development of an organisation's risk management and security comprehensively and from a practical level. If the risk management maturity level of your own organisation is not at the level you hope it was; we offer diverse resources for developing your own risk management expertise as well as organisation's risk-aware risk management culture.

With Granite's free Risk Reduction Academy: Risk Management email course, you'll learn the basics of risk management in a hands-on way. You will learn to identify and assess the risks on an actionable, practical level, but also what can be done about risks you've already recognised and assessed. Signup for the course here .

As an organisation's risk management maturity develops and goals expand, Granite's range of tools will support development at all stages.
How do I convince decision-makers in our organisation that Granite's risk management tools are for us?
Risk management and its systematic development are some of the most critical success factors in today's rapidly changing market. The purpose of Granite's risk management solutions is to provide the organisation with the tools to perform practical, goal-oriented risk management actions.

Granite's risk management tools make risk management concrete and provide visibility into what is really going on in the organisation.

If organisations and companies want to achieve the goal, risk management is an essential building block on the way to a more resilient, risk-aware company culture.

Naturally, the most important thing is that risk management is actually done, no matter by what risk management solution or approach, but it will only produce systematic results when appropriate risk management tools are in place.

Contact us and we’ll tell you how Granite’s risk management tools can help you reach your goals.