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Granites Privacy Impact Assessment is a ready-to-use service for evaluating your company’s personal information systems based on the requirements of the new EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This service allows a comprehensive assessment of the data protection and privacy risks of products and services. The Privacy Impact Assessment contains sections for assessing the requirements of the GDPR, identifying the risk caused by possible deficiencies, risk assessment and monitoring of management measures. Feel free to try our service for free and puchase it at at $39/user/month.

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Our PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment) service contains utilities for the assessment of the requirements of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), such as the identification of risks caused by the deficiencies in organizations processes, risk assessment and management measures for identified risks. Modern, digital service provides current risk information to the entire company and promotes the implementation of management measures. Automated reports promote efficiency and keep the company’s risk situation up to date.

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The idea behind Privacy impact assessment is to go through all of the requirements set by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) system by system in order to detect potential shortcomings and defects in the organization’s privacy practices. If any deficiencies bring about data protection risks for the enterprise, they will be processed and evaluated, and as result of these procedures, appropriate management methods are assigned for these incongruences. Simple and easy-to-understand instructions guide the assessment process throughout the service.

Once all the requirements and criteria have been reviewed, any potential risks have been identified and risk management measures are assigned, a clear overall view can be easily obtained through the PIA services automatic reporting.

Through the services reporting, you can easily recognize the areas where the risks are concentrated and in which areas operations should be improved. After the implementation of management measurer, the system in question can be expected to be ready for the requirements of GDPR.

The Privacy Impact Assessment guides you to look at the company’s potential data protection and privacy risks from the GDPR perspective, so you can be prepared for the obligations of the regulation.

Data protection and privacy are made accessible through formatted requirements and criteria and the results are easily visible through automated reporting components such as the risk map, risk trend and other features.

In PIA – Privacy Impact Assessment services automatic reminders help to implement the risk management measures and the automated reporting ensures that these measures are taken into action. In Granite’s Privacy Impact Assessment, risks are managed through a simple interface. Working time and other resources aren’t wasted on learning needlessly complicated features, but instead, a special care has been taken to provide a swift and effortless deployment. In addition, the smooth user experience is appreciated by the technical experts With the PIA – Privacy Impact Assessment service, the company’s data protection and privacy risks are easily located. Visual reporting features enable companies to easily share information about their security risks within the organization.

You can start implementing Privacy Impact Assessment service practically right away. No design committees or endless excel exercises.


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