Machine Risk Assessment

Separate risk assessment of work machines increases safety in the workplace

Smaller or larger damages can occur when working with machines. With Granite machine risk assessment service, you can increase the overall safety of your workplace by assessing the risks of each work machine separately. When the risks are assessed in advanced, employees now how to prepare for risks. The machine risk assessment is based on the model solution of the Centre for occupational safety. Try the service for free for 14 days and buy service as $19/user/month + VAT. Billed monthly.

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Machine risk assessment easy to carry out

The machine risk assessment service makes it easy and systematic to assess the machine risks at workplace. Even several machines at the same time! Graphic reporting is automatically generated, and reporting is easy to share with your entire organization through PDF or CSV reporting. To start using the service, purchase it from our online store.

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The machine risk assessment service increases the safety of employees

The machine risk assessment service increases the overall safety of the workplace when precautions are taken to prevent the hazards of work machines. Granite’s service makes it easy to evaluate the risks of each machine and to identify risk mitigation actions. Risks in practice decrease when employees collectively consider possible risks and are thus able to prepare for them.

The machine risk assessment service is based on the model solution of the Centre for occupational safety. With one form all hazards of the machine can be checked before starting work, in which case any errors in the machines can be detected in time. Because of a clear form, anyone can perform a risk assessment of the machine and determine the corrective actions.

As the system monitor of markings and markers it is easy to show that the organization has been prepared for machine risks and reduced them systemically. The service makes it easy to organize risks in order of severity and resource allocation is possible. Employees are also able to assess risks at the same time with others, in which case the risk assessment is comprehensive.

The service automatically form reporting on the audits, risks and the risk reducing actions, which is easy to print out the PDF format and monitor changes in risks and actions. The service sends automatic reminders of the actions that should be done. Reporting can also be shared at the coffee table with other employees. You can test the service for free for 14 days or you can easily purchase it through our online store.


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