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With this service, you can effortlessly check how well the ISO 27001 requirements are met in your company. The service includes tools for the maturity assessment of management methods, the formulation of management measures and their follow-up. Try it for free for 14 days and ourchase the sevice at $29/user/month. Service is billed monthly.

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Information security risk as an easy-to-use service

ISO 27001 – Information Security Risks -service incorporates easy-to-use sections for identifying, assessing and managing of risks. Modern, digital service makes it easy to communicate current risk information for the use of the whole organization and promotes management measures on a practical level. Automated reporting generates considerable savings in time and keeps the organization aware of the risk situation. You can easily purchase the service from our webstore.

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Agile service keeps the security risks in check

Information security risk management starts with the risk identification process. To help the risk identification process the ISO27001 – Information Security Risks -service entails a reference framework developed specifically for the information security risks that allows all aspects and viewpoints regarding information security risks to be taken into account without resources wasted on too cumbersomely on risk identification. Understandable descriptions, risk examples and expertly developed guidelines enable concentrating on the most relevant risks.
After identifying the information security risks, the risks are evaluated and management methods compliant with the ISO 27001 standards are applied to them. This promotes the easy migration to the ISO 27001 standard and at the same time ensures that the ISO 27001 standards pertaining to information security management are addressed and adhered to.

The ISO 27001 – Information Security Risks -service ushers the organization to consider the potential information security risks with broad perspective – people, processes, and technology will be taken into account as a whole. Information security is made visible through automated reporting such functions of the Granite ISO27001 – Information Security Risks -service as the risk map, risk trend and other visual reporting tools. Automatic reminders keep risk management timelines in order and moving on in a timely fashion while reporting clearly demonstrates whether the management measures are taken into action or not.

In Granite’s ISO27001 – Informations Security Risks -service risks are managed through a simple and agile user interface. Because of this management personnel, working hours are not wasted on learning how to use service, and technical experts appreciate an agile user experience. Whit this service, information security risks can be mapped easily and the requirements of ISO 27001 standard pertaining to the information security risk management are met. Visual reporting enables companies to share information about their information security risks effortlessly within their organization.
You can effortlessly test our ISO27001 – Information Security Risks -service for free and make your purchase decision at your own pace, and say no to cumbersome committees and disruptive excel drills.


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