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The key to the enterprise’s information security is without a doubt the employees’ information security awareness. Granite’s Information security online training is the easiest and the fastest way to establish and assure personnel’s information security competence. Feel free to try our online training free of charge, and puchase the service at $2/user/month. If you’ll purchase the service for at least 50 individual users, you pay only $1/user/month. For over 500 users, the price is only $0.5/user/month. The service is billed yearly.

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Fast and effortless cloud service deployment


Automated reports and completion directory


Annual training & employee introduction


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Responsive design aides learning


Information security training as a coherent online course

Regular information security training maintains effectively personnel’s information security awareness and proficiency. Information security online training is designed to be easily implemented to promote effective learning with an emphasis on applicability. The training includes best practices for information security, that employees should be aware of. You can easily purchase the service from our webstore.

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Effortless training creates the foundation for information security awareness

Information security online training is a complete solution for every company’s information security needs. The training includes coherent and applicable training materials and a final test. After passing the final test, the performance of the employee is stored in the database and the employee can print out a certificate of the completion.

The persons in charge can track and follow the progress of completion rate and the individual results of the information security training in real-time. The service also sends automated reminders participants advocating the completion of the information security training. The training includes the best practices of information security that are essential for every employee regardless of work assignment.

For example, the training covers such topics as email and internet security, equipment safety, social media, handling of confidential information and social hacking.

The duration of the training is approximately one hour for each section of the two-part training. The training is sectioned into two parts: The Basics of Information Security, and The Employee at the Center of Information Security. The administrator can easily plan and decide on whether both parts are to be completed together or as two individual courses.

The information security training aspires to make information security understandable easy to approach. Information security training targets consequential facets of information security awareness that employees can affect. The substance and composition of the information security training are introduced and displayed in a coherent manner and illustrated to promote motivated employees.

Several of the international information security best practices, such as ISO27001 or PCI DSS, require annual personnel training, and our service has been proven to facilitate the process of meeting these requirements with a number of our certified customers.


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