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Work safety is one of the most crucial factors of modern business. As an inseparable part of corporate security, its effects on the operation of the entire organization are extremely important from the perspective of both legislation and the company’s reputation and values. Granite Work Risk Assessment is a service for systematically surveying the risks and dangers of work and developing work safety. With the Granite Work Risk Assessment service, the development and maintenance of work safety becomes significantly more efficient. The service’s automatically generated, up-to-date reports open a view into the organization’s work safety and enable its development with visible results. Start today by creating an account for the Granite platform.

Systematically identify your baseline for occupational safety

Work safety is undeniably hugely important for the operation of organizations and businesses, and efforts spent on focusing on its development are never wasted. In the Granite Work Risk Assessment service, the user is guided automatically through a simple and comprehensible risk identification and management process, during which a secure and progressively oriented basis is formed for the development of the organization’s work safety. The features of the service take into account both physical and psychosocial burdening factors as well as accidents and physical burden. After the work risk situation has been identified and evaluated, its development will produce much better results.

Define the steps for development

The proper and most importantly fruitful development of work safety always begins with the identification and evaluation of risks. Without a solid base, development becomes random and inefficient rather than systematic. For a developing work safety culture, however, merely identifying and evaluating risks is not enough; something must also be done about them. Granite Work Risk Assessment guides the progress of work risk management by automatizing the management actions for risks. With the Granite Work Risk Assessment service, every risk factor in the working environment will be appropriately noted.

Crowdsource the development of your safety culture

Work safety and work safety culture will only develop through practical actions. Willingness is an important element, but it also needs practices to support it. Risk identification and definition of management actions in themselves won’t change the situation on a practical level, however. With the Granite Work Risk Assessment service, facilitating work safety culture is easy and convenient. A person responsible can be defined for all management actions, after which the system will handle the implementation of actions. Automatic reminders will ensure that all identified work risks are handled appropriately.

Learn and guide progress

One of the most important features of a modern cloud service is the view it provides into the development of the organization’s work safety. The Granite Work Risk Assessment service enables the monitoring of the progress and development of the organization’s work safety in real time. The service automatically generates comprehensible and clear reports on the number and type of work risks as well as the pace at which the management actions defined for them are progressing. With Granite Work Risk Assessment, you can see the full situational picture of work safety, and management actions will progress in an open manner that produces results.

Report and further develop operation

Work risk situations can be either systematic or random, but in both cases, they have significant effects on the overall work safety situation, and through it, to business operations on a broader scale. The Granite Work Risk Assessment service allows you to take control of the entire organization’s work safety through one simple solution. The reports automatically generated by the Work Risk Assessment service reveal the worst shortcomings and enable corrective actions for improving the overall situation on a practical level.

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