Granite 7.2. has been released. All customer environments will be updated to the new version in phases starting from Friday, December 15th, and continuing to January 2018. We aim to schedule all updates outside of the office hours in order to avoid unnecessary interruptions. If you have any questions about the update, please contact our support team at

Read our product development teams thoughts about the update here.

Summary of new features


  • The term “module” is replaced by “service”. This being, system administration still uses the term on an occasion.
  • The opening of forms has been accelerated
  • The text in the “Open” -button can now be customised ( e.g. “Start here” or “Run assessment”)
  • Categorisation and labelling of different services in the starting page enabled
  • Basic view and reporting view have been combined into one to enable the navigation using the tree structure of the reporting view. This change applies to assessment and audit services.
  • In response services, the notifications are now reported through pop-up modal form
  • Rating questions are answered through pop-up modal form


  • The layout update encompasses all content including login and starting pages. The system administration remains the same as before.


  • Reporting view utilises the new tree structure
  • The size of the diagrams in the reporting view can be adjusted within certain parameters
  • The colours of the diagrams can be modified through the user interface
  • In the reporting view Filters are called Advanced search. The use of the advanced search has been completely renewed and made more straightforward to use.
  • The advanced search has been expanded to include the search by risk value


  • The filer of a notification now has an option to receive feedback through email and a confirmation of the notification receipt 
  • Adding multitude of subforms to the main form made possible