Workplace Safety Checklists

Methodological improvements to occupational safety. Easily and systematically.

In many ways, every organization is more than the sum of its parts, but especially with regard to workplace safety, paying attention to these particular individual parts is of paramount importance. The safety of the work environment is an extremely important factor in the continuity of business operations. The Granite Safety Walk-Through Checklist service is a convenient and practical solution to directing company safety. The Granite Safety Walk-Through Checklist service is based on the ELMERI+ method of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, which can be used to systematically evaluate the safety of individual workstations and the work environment, as well as work habits. Other relevant elements in the Granite Safety Walk-Through Checklist service are, among other things, ergonomics, machinery and equipment safety, and cleanliness and organization. Start today by creating an account on the Granite-platform.

Precision from systematic evaluation

The role of workplace safety as a key factor in the success of modern business activity should not be downplayed, even though it is rarely given the value it deserves. For many organizations, workplace safety is a very important part of operations, but without appropriate operating models its implementation is challenging, even at best, and usually anything but successful. The functions of the Granite Safety Walk-Through Checklist service are designed so that the evaluation of a company's workplace safety is as effortless as possible. At the core of the service are 14 risk factors, the identification of which can be done conveniently, for example, with a mobile device.

Designate appropriately

When implemented properly, the development of an organization’s workplace safety produces concrete results in every area and at every level of the organization. However, merely evaluating the safety anomalies related to work is not enough to achieve results, but rather something must also be done to improve the situation. Granite Safety Walk-Through Checklist is a service that has been designed with one of the most important objectives being the improvement of the quality of workplace safety. The Granite Safety Walk-Through Checklist service directs the user to designate a responsible party for the evaluated anomalies, so that the anomalies can also be corrected.

Specify procedures and monitor progress

The intention of the organization is an important factor in terms of developing workplace safety. But without systematic monitoring, the realization of even the best development principles are left to the ability of individual employees to prioritize them, as well as the available time and levels of dedication. To achieve the best results, these are of course very helpful, but in terms of developing workplace safety, leaving the entire process reliant on them is not recommended. With the Granite Safety Walk-Through Checklist service, monitoring the progress of corrective measures is done easily and systematically.

Develop safety culture with reporting

The Granite Safety Walk-Through Checklist service provides a clear and intelligible view into the most critical workplace safety development targets in a way that forms the basis of concrete development and corrective measures, which can be built easily and effortlessly. Granite Safety rounds produces reports on identified anomalies, evaluations, and corrective measures. Through these, the overall situation of the target of evaluation is easy to both perceive and internalize for future development goals. With the Granite Safety rounds service, developing the company's workplace safety transforms into a process that is proactive, efficient, and successful.

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