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The operations of every organization have their daily routines and principles of operation, which form their practical business activities. In modern markets, the continuity of operations is one of the most important factors that affects, in one way or another, all the components of business activities. Continuity attests to the reliability and trustworthiness of the company, creating a competitive advantage that is indisputable. Accidents that happen in the middle of routine work are one of the major threats to the continuity of a company's business activities. Thus, procedures that are goal-oriented and aimed at preventive measures have direct effects on the company's prospects for success. Granite Safety Observations are a workplace safety service that is designed for the Granite platform. Including the entire staff in the development of safety is easy and effortless with the service. Start today by creating an account on the Granite-platform.

Engage the whole organization in the development of safety

When examined from the perspective of safety in the work environment, company and organization staff are one of its most important resources. The more eyes are brought into the development of safety, the more up-to-date information can be gathered about the prevailing situation. The central feature in the design of the functionalities of the Granite Safety Observations service was the ease and speed of making safety Observations. The Granite Safety Observations service works on all mobile devices in an agile and unproblematic way, without the installation of separate software. In other words, the threshold for making safety observations has been kept extremely low.

Monitor the development of the situation in real time

No one denies the fact that there is strength in numbers, but the successful utilization of human resources in the development of workplace safety requires a systematic approach to both processes and measures. In terms of development, the information obtained from anomalies and ‘that was close’ situations are of primary importance that should not be discarded. The Granite Safety Observations service functions as the nerve center of the safety situation. When the safety observations gathered by the staff are automatically collected in one determined place, then their systematic observation, as a whole, can be more fruitful.

Agile and responsible corrections

One cannot stress the importance of a process more, in terms of systematic development of workplace safety, than the kind that begins with a safety observation and leads to corrective measures. Without directed operations, the observations simply remain as isolated observations. This weakens the safety of operations, but also in the long run, the willingness of employees to invest in the development of operations. With the Granite Safety observations service, it is effortless to advance the handling of safety observations by directing the processing of the observation to the person designated for that responsibility. The automatic notifications and reminders from the Granite Safety Observations service ensure that the processing of the observation and compensatory measures are brought to their conclusion.

Develop the big picture in a controlled manner

Granite Safety Observations is a service designed for the continuing, systematic development of workplace safety, and its functions aim for usability. The clearly functional service facilitates the implementation of an operating model for workplace safety, even in larger companies and organizations. The Granite Safety Observations service automatically produces statistics and distributable reports from the collected anomaly reports, safety observations, and ‘that was close’ situations. With these, localization and identification of the most important and critical development targets is quick and straightforward. Developing a company safety culture with the Granite Safety observations service is productive and visible.

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