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Project Risk Management Software

Improve the success rate of your projects

In the current business environment, a project-oriented approach is part of daily routine for almost every organization. Working on projects entails clear advantages, such as the precise targeting of expertise and other resources to coherent objectives. In practice, projects nonetheless run into many unexpected challenges, and turning these into opportunities may be a laborious process. The Granite Project Risk Management tool is a cloud tool developed for managing and reducing project risks, which supports timely completion of projects within the scope of the budgeted resources. The Granite Project Risks Management tool considerably facilitates the practical aspects of project development. Start today by creating an account on the Granite-platform.

Define your starting point

Projects are not all from the same mold. Very often, projects inseparably entail complicated and unexpected, project-specific elements that may prove to be fairly difficult to anticipate and prepare for. Undoubtedly, experience and expertise are irreplaceable resources, but without the right tools the benefits offered by these are easily wasted. Because of this, the success of projects requires a solution that has been developed specifically for this purpose. The Granite Project Risks smoothly guides the user of the tool through identifying and assessing risks and brings much needed visibility to project risks. The assessment of project risks is an extremely important phase in terms of the success of the entire project. That is why risk assessment has been made as easy as possible in the Granite Project Risks tool.

Specify your possibilities

Identifying and assessing project risks demands its own kind of sensitivity, which is supported by the Granite Project Risks tool. When project risks are identified according to the best practices, it is of utmost importance that the appropriate management measures are also determined and assigned. A project risk that has been identified without the appropriate management measures will not be addressed, and will continue to strain operations, notably affecting the possibilities of success. The Granite Project Risks tool will automatically direct the user to determine the appropriate management measures for the identified risks.

Utilize your best resources

When the project risks have been identified and assessed, and the appropriate management measures have been determined and assigned, the road to success is made visible. However, this is not enough, in and of itself, to change the situation in one way or another. Knowledgeable decisions and assessments do not produce results, if they aren’t matched by changes in practical operations. Meeting this challenge is the key element of the Granite Project Risks tool. The Granite Project Risks tool makes utilizing the most important resources of project organization smooth and effortless. With the features of the tool, management measures are easily assigned to the appropriate person.

Vitalize your implementation

Delegating responsibility to the appropriate persons for management measures is an essential part of every project. But depending on the number of components in the entire project, it is very possible that monitoring the progress of these measures may turn out to be too burdensome for human resources. And without appropriate monitoring, the implementation will suffer during some phase. At this point, the tool designed for automatic project risk management shows its advantages. When the tool handles the monitoring of the progress in operations, simultaneously making it transparent, then identifying new risks and areas of development become more efficient.

Achieve precise results

A part of the nature of projects is that they end at some point. However, the path from beginning to end is a long road, during which more than one issue requires brief advice and help in navigating. Granite Project Risks tool automatically produces clear and intelligible reports on risks, management measures, and progress in operations. With these reports, successfully advancing a project is achieved conveniently and holistically.

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