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Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Software Tool

Get a grip on EU data protection regulation

The EU Data Protection Regulation, of GDPR is no tiny or insignificant change in the area of modern business operations. For good reason, GDPR has created a lot of conversation, as it affects the operating models that business is conducted today in many ways. Everyone knows that the Data Protection Regulation obligates companies to take into consideration many different things, but in practice, only a few can say precisely what ought to be done first. The answer, though, is easy: the very first thing that companies should do is conduct the Granite Privacy Impact Assessment. Granite Data protection helps to straightforwardly evaluate systems that process personal data on the basis of Data Protection Regulation requirements. The Granite Privacy Impact Assessment also advances the development of operations to follow the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation. Start today by creating an account on the Granite-platform.

Update your data protection situation

The EU Data Protection Regulation applies to all companies that process personal data in their operations, in one way or another. Everyone engaged in business activity must thus treat the Data Protection Regulation as a matter that requires serious considerations, even though it may seem like an unreasonably complicated, excessive burden. With the right approach and the appropriate tools, it is possible to minimize the burdens of the Data Protection Regulation and turn these into resources. Granite Privacy Impact Assessment is a tool that makes the evaluation of company compliance easy. The tool guides the user through GDPR requirements in a supervised, system-specific way, bringing anomalies and development targets to view in a painless way.

Engage your personnel

Having the right kind of intentions provides a surprising amount of what is required to overcome the challenges that we face in modern business operations. New challenges are seldom positive surprises, but in most cases, they are also nearly impossible to completely avoid. Without information about the prevailing situation, it is just as impossible to plan for the next steps, either. With the Granite Privacy Impact Assessment, the conformity of the company's operations with the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation emerges clearly and intelligibly. With the tool, the targets that require correction are easy to identify, but in addition to identification, the tool enables you to easily set a responsible party. This is the first step on the journey toward compliance.

Produce practical results

Regardless of industry, modern business activities are determined by resource wisdom, the result of which is that processes must lead to concrete, visible results as quickly as possible. However, compliance with the EU Data Protection Regulation will not be resolved by evaluating company operations according to the requirements and designating responsible parties to potential anomalies. Without a precise and systematic operating model, it is very likely that compliance will not be achieved. Toward achieving this purpose, the Granite Privacy Impact Assessment will direct the user to set corrective measures for the anomalies, as well. Thus, we can be assured that the process is proceeding in an appropriate and designed way toward the desired outcome.

Develop precise and rigorous results

The faster an organization can adapt to the world following the EU Data Protection Regulation, the faster it can develop its own operating models to be even more competitive than before. When the development of operations is systematic and designed, then the results are also naturally intensified, and become more predictable. The Granite Privacy Impact Assessment advances the implementation of action plans by providing visibility to the progress of operations and creating a constantly updated and up-to-date situational picture. In this way, the most critical development targets in the operations can be targeted with just the right amount of resources.

Show compliance

The EU Data Protection Regulation requires that companies react to data protection with the seriousness that it demands but responding to its requirements has other direct effects on business operations. Generally speaking, the growth in data protection awareness is beneficial to business culture. The Granite Privacy Impact Assessment makes data protection easily approachable and intelligible, but at the same time, it allows for proof of compliance. Also, the tool helps users in understanding what the EU Data Protection Regulation means on a practical level.

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