Granite is a service platform that takes risk management into action.

Granite platform makes the development of business risk management, cyber security and privacy and occupational safety and health possible. The identification of risks, the prioritization of corrective actions and the maintenance of compliance and personnel awareness are among the main functionalities of the Granite platform.

We are continuously developing new services for Granite so that organizations can make use of it as comprehensively as possible. The expansion of the use of Granite has been made easy and the customer can manage many services in the same cloud service or in its own on-premise installation. We also realize dozens of completely customer-specifically tailor-made services every year. In addition to our own services, our partners offer their own solutions and consulting services that support the use of Granite.

Numerous organizations count on Granite. Our customers include companies and public sector organizations. Our strongest customer sectors are government, the finance sector, manufacturing and process industry, high technology, social and health care and the energy sector. Our services already have more than 100,000 users. You can follow Granite’s story through our ‘About Risk Management’ blog.

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