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The machinery in use has a very significant role for overall occupational safety. For this reason, in terms of overall safety, it is extremely important that the risk caused by each type of machinery is assessed separately. Granite Machine Risk Assessment service is a cloud service designed particularly for this purpose. With the Granite Machine Risk Assessment, it’s possible to perform risk assessment easily and systematically so that corrective measures quickly produce significant results, in terms of overall safety. Start today by creating an account on the Granite-platform.

Create the foundations of risk free machinery

The operation of machinery is the basic requirement for all business operations in many industries. Thus, it is of primary importance that their risk potential is acknowledged and has been prepared for appropriately. The Granite Machine Risk Assessment service walks a user through a guided and user-friendly risk identification and assessment process, which creates a firm foundation for the risk management of machinery. The Granite Machine Risk Assessment service conveniently collects the identified risks of machinery in one place, where their assessment is achieved smoothly. The baseline for workplace safety is created in the Granite Machine Risk Assessment service almost completely automatically.

Determine factors for success systematically

The importance of machinery for occupational safety as a whole should never be understated. Successful work toward risk mitigation that is conducive to occupational safety always begins with a controlled and systematic identification and assessment of risks. Assessment and identification are still simply the first step, if the goal is to proceed from the awareness of the risks from machinery to a successful and effective situation. Identified and assessed risks remain as they are without the appropriate management measures. The Granite Machine Risk assessment service systematically guides the determination of management measures in such a way that all the recognized risks in the service are known.

Enagage personnel to enable success

Every member of an organization has their own significance in developing occupational safety, but it may sometimes be asking too much for individuals to spontaneously take on more responsibility on top of day-to-day activities. Involving personnel is still necessary if the objectives are to be feasible, in the first place. The Granite Machine Risk Assessment service enables the determination of management measures for machinery risks, which are effortless to determine in such a way that each identified risk is taken care of. When a responsible party is designated precisely for the management measures, additional challenges brought on by confusion about roles are avoided.

Use accurate data as a road map

The additional benefits brought about by the development of occupational safety are often so self-evident, that their incorporation is difficult to put into words. When the determined measures for machinery risks are implemented, the objectives aimed at risk reduction begin to be realized. However, without up to date monitoring, it is impossible to assess the development of the situation. The automatic reporting functionalities of the Granite Machine Risk Assessment service ensure that monitoring the progress of management measures is easy and effortless.

Control progress by anticipating situations promptly

The functionalities of work and occupational safety are always associated with some amount of risks, and it is of primary importance to be aware of them. But just as important is to be prepared for their realization. It is possible to review the occupational safety situation for organizations and businesses with the automatically produced reports from the Granite Machine Risk Assessment service. Identifying problem areas and the continuing design of corrective actions also turns into a rewarding activity.

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