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ISO 27001 Audit

Recognize information security risks easily

Information security and cyber risks are an inseparable part of modern business activities. Data communication connections and devices are used by every modern organization in their activities, so it is no surprise that they cause a large part of the risks that are incurred by the organization’s operations. It is not possible to avoid or mitigate all cyber risks, but it is possible to prepare in advance by adopting management methods that conform to ISO 27001 standards as part of the everyday operations of the company. In this way, visible and systematic results can be achieved that improve the continuity of the company's business operations. Granite ISO 27001 Audit is a complementary tool to the Granite ISO 27001 Information Security Risks tool on the Granite platform. With the Granite ISO 27001 Audit tool, the evaluation of the prevailing situation in the company's information security according to ISO 27001 standards can be done easily and effortlessly. Start today by creating an account on the Granite platform

Lay foundations for information security

How organizations react to information security says a lot about their culture, but also about the possibilities that they have for influencing their own success. In the long run, information security awareness is one of the most important factors in how a company distinguishes itself, regardless or industry or business model. Thus, developing it is worthwhile. The features of the Granite ISO 27001 Audit tool are based on the management objectives and methods in ISO/IEC 27001:2013, attachment A. These features sharpen and develop the ability of the company to understand its own operating environment, and to recognize the information security risks that occur in it systematically. With the tool, it is effortless to parse the management methods specified for information security risks according to ISO 27001 standards. Responding to the requirements of the standards is a smooth process with the tool.

Assign responsibilities accurately

Specifying corrective measures is a vitally important phase in the handling of information security risks, according to ISO 27001 standards. However, it is not enough, in and of itself, to advance the organization's development goals. Just as important is also the designation of the appropriate responsible parties, so that procedures can also be prioritized as a systematic part of normal business operations. The existing functionalities of the Granite ISO 27001 Audit tool make the delegation of corrective measures a natural part in the evaluation of the prevailing state. Designating responsible parties is part of the management methods described in ISO 27001 standards, and Granite's tool ensures that this is done in an appropriate way.

Define the most efficient measures

Many organizations and companies have the unfortunate, prevailing view that implementing ISO 27001 information security standards is simply typical bureaucracy, which entails large amounts of paperwork. Very often, it is forgotten that in the modern markets, information security is, above all, a selling point that attests the organization's trustworthiness and credibility. The Granite ISO 27001 Audit tool is a precise tool for developing operations according to ISO 27001 standards. With the tool, the specification of the required measures proceeds automatically, and is unbelievably painless.

Organize agilely through up-to-date reporting

The right tools are the most important instruments for the systematic and goal-oriented development of operations. Without up-to-date and systematic monitoring, even the best objectives tend to remain unrealized. With the Granite ISO 27001 Audit tool, the standardization process of conforming to the fundamentals of information security risk management in ISO 27001 standards proceeds smoothly. With the tool, it is easy to see which of the development targets are the most critical and require the most resources. The Granite ISO 27001 Audit tool automatically compiles reports, and the information they yield about the state of the organization is effortless to distribute, and it is easy to direct the development of operations into a more systematic direction.

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