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Today the information security of organizations and companies is more vital to business than ever before. Various software and ICT solutions offer preliminary protection, but the most important factors are the skills and know-how of the personnel. The information security competence of a company often provides a decisive competitive edge in the market that is becoming increasingly informed. Both public authorities and collaborative partners that are aware of information security matters expect companies to commit to functional information security and require them to maintain their information security up to date and organization-wide. The easiest and fastest way to meet the expectations is simple online training. Granite Fundamentals of Information Security Online Training is an easy way to start developing information security awareness. Learn more about the Granite Fundamentals of Information Security Online Training by creating a free account and starting your free 30 day trial.

Assemble the entire organization

Nowadays, information security is a very familiar word for most people, but its practical meaning is still quite a mystery for surprisingly many. This poses a remarkable challenge for organizations and companies. The benefits of an adequately high level of information security are well-known and identified, but reaching the level is, above all, a logistically challenging goal for most organizations and companies. Granite Information Security Online Training is a digital service designed to solve this issue. All employees and members of the organization can easily access the user-friendly training platform which enables smooth and effortless planning, timing and organization of trainings.

Achieve results with systematic training

The fact is that online training is no longer a remarkably unusual innovation. Its advantages in comparison to, for example, training events and seminars are undisputed in many ways, and at least the most informed organizations are not unfamiliar with utilizing the advantages. Considering the overall security of a company, information security in particular is an indisputable key factor in the modern market. However, the results of technological solutions and induction are worthless if the personnel’s basic skills are inadequate. The properties of the Granite Information Security Online Training service direct the organizational operation towards systematically realized trainings and a consistently developing information security culture. The service supports the automatic and methodical progression of training.

Identify development targets accurately

In principle, organizations can approach information security in two very different ways. An organization can regard it as a necessary evil, deal with the minimum requirements and hope that a pressing need for changes never emerges. On the other hand, an organization can turn information security into an asset and a competitive edge. Granite Information Security Online Training enables both of these approaches, but especially the latter has remarkably positive impacts on the reliability of the company’s business operations. The contemporary world is built on various information networks, and it is impossible to escape information security-related details. With the Granite Information Security Online Training service, it is easy and effortless to highlight a company’s most important information security-related targets for development. In turn, this enables addressing and remedying them. The service automatically generates reports on completed and unfinished trainings and on the most challenging questions providing a clear picture of the personnel’s information security skills.

Report accurately and achieve concrete results

On the individual level, information security skills can be considered to have a certain degree of absolute value in the contemporary world, but in practice, most information security-related requirements and obligations are not defined by companies and organizations, at least when it comes to business. It is remarkable how often personnel trained in the basics of information security provide concrete benefits to an organization – necessity turns into a virtue without separate effort. With the help of the Granite Information Security Online Training service, organizations and companies can inform the parties interested in their level of information security in a simple, practical way.

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