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Today, businesses and organizations face a variety of attacks and fraud attempts that are not the subject of information technology but people. The impact of these challenges and risks should not be diminished, as IT control software can not help to prevent them. Awareness and competency in information security matters significantly in the company's success. Granite Employee Information Security Online Training is easy-to-use information security online training solution to help you train your entire organization effortlessly. Granite Employee Information Security Online Training enables the whole organization to implement the best practices of information security risks. Start your free 30-day trial by creating an account to Granite Platform.

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There is a lot of talk about information security these days, but its extent and effectiveness are somewhat unknown for surprisingly many people. As digitalization continues, various risks related to information security are continually increasing, and most of them are can't be tackled with technical IT solutions. The larger the organization is, the more attacks are aimed at the employees. Granite Employee Information Security Online Training is a simple web-based online training that enables organizations of all sizes to effortlessly develop the level of their information security competency and improve their ability to succeed. Granite's online training provides an easy-to-use and pragmatic solution for organizing, planning and scheduling training.

Build awareness with regular training

Online training is undoubtedly the most cost-effective and flexible way to raise the skills level of both small and large organizations. Utilizing online training reduces the need for logistically complex and time-consuming seminars and training days. Modern online training also provides the opportunity to monitor the development of the organization's information security level. With the help of today's online training that maintains information security expertise, the use of other security measures and tools is also enhanced. Granite Employee Information Security Online Training is an online security training service designed to guide the company's operating principles towards the regular maintenance of information security know-how and information security aware corporate culture. The Granite Employee Information Security Online Training service guides the implementation of training objectives.

Find out where magic happens

There are many ways to react to information security, but two of them are most common. Information security is seen either as a necessary evil that one doesn't even want to think about as long as we are dealing with minimum requirements and other obligations. The other way is to regard information security as a competitive advantage, which is an intrinsic part of the company's core operations. When using Granite's online training, both approaches can be deployed smoothly. The latter approach, of course, has more clear advantages compared to the first one. The Granite Employee Information Security Online Training opens up a clear line of sight to the most significant areas of development. When development objects are known, they can be approached cost-effectively. The automated reporting features of Granite Employee Information Security Online Training also provides accurate feedback for the development of the organization's information security maturity level.

Communicate change with accuracy

Information Security has become a permanent fixture of the digitalized world, but in many respects, the requirements and obligations of information security in the world of business are mandatory. Leaders and managers are responsible for adequate information security and are obliged to be able to demonstrate the level of information security. With an agile and easy-to-use online training, information security can be made part of the everyday operations of the organization. The Granite Employee Security Online Training provides automatic reports for easy proof of information security compliance.

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